Photos of Jim, Tina, and Jimmy Dalmandalman designs was a European cabinet company originally started in the early 1980s by my parents, Jim and Tina Dalman.

My dad was a pioneer of cool products and a visionary in every way. His ability to make "something from nothing" was incredible. My mother was the champion and unwavering support behind his crazy ideas. She is the epitome of hard work and service.

Both of my parents always inspired me to pursue my own creativity. They allowed me to explore it with reckless abandonment, and thankfully, never punished me for getting poor grades because I'd draw in class ALL the time!

So I've relaunched my new venture under dalman designs to honor them for all they did for me. 

where old school and new school meets

Thirty five years ago I never imagined my freedom of expression would lead me down a path of endless opportunities as an artist and designer.

I've been fortunate to create for million dollar brands to small businesses across the globe. But my heart and soul has longed to return to where it all began - custom artwork, apparel design, and photography.

dalman designs is a collaboration between old school and new school ideas, unleashing a range of creativity inspired by art, music, culture, travel, and life experiences.

Donetta and I are stoked to finally be doing the work we're passionate about and pursuing the ideas we've dreamed about for 30 years. We hope you like what you see! 

- James Dalman


james dalman

I'm the guy my fourth grade teacher said would never make anything of his life. How did it all turn out?

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