the relaunch of dalman designs

James Dalman
the relaunch of dalman designs the relaunch of dalman designs

My childhood was filled with incredible creativity and a sense of reckless adventure. Days were filled with endless possibilities as I pushed the boundaries in every aspect of my life, from trying to follow the rules to exploring what was possible with my artistic abilities. I always dared to dream big regardless of the challenges around me.

Challenging the status quo has always been a part of my DNA! 

So when my fourth grade teacher told me I'd never make anything of my life because I'd draw in class all the time, it was like pouring gasoline on an open flame. 🔥  This would be the catalyst that would ignite my passion to prove the world wrong. 

dalman designs and coming full circle.

For the past 36 years I have been dreaming about returning to where it all began, doing custom artwork and design.

As a teenager I would unleash my "off the wall" and psychedelic style of creativity onto t-shirts, Chuck Taylor Converse, and Levis 501s jeans. My only goal was to express myself and my individuality, often pushing the limits of what was acceptable and what was not. 🖕 🖕 

Interestingly people started to appreciate and love my work. And they wanted to buy it. This opened the door to new things.

I never intended to be "in business" or launch a career in design, it just casually happened, and it took me on a lifelong adventure of creating stuff for nationally known brands and clients across the world. While I've been fortunate to have experienced such an opportunity, my heart has bled for decades to return to my roots.

Doing what I used to love and unleashing my unconventional creativity is the essence of the new dalman designs. I'm stoked to be back.

Props to the OG that started the family business.

Jim and Tina Dalman

I cannot even begin to think about carrying on this name without giving my parents, Jim and Tina, a huge 'THANK YOU' and proper credit for what you see today.

My mom and dad always supported my crazy ideas and pushed me to follow my passions and interests. They never wavered in their decision to allow me pursue my creativity even when it meant getting in trouble in school or breaking the rules. My parents encouraged me to be myself regardless of how stupid I could be.

I absolutely love them for it! ❤️ 

Dad was also the original guy to start dalman designs, a custom European modular cabinet company well ahead of its time. He was a pioneer of cool products and a visionary in every way, with an uncanny ability to make something from nothing.

Mom also supported his dream by working a night job while raising three kids and taking care of multiple family members. She is the epitome of service, hard work, and following your dreams.

Even though dad has been gone 33 years now, his spirit remains and is a large part of this new venture. 

Moving forward into the future. 

This new chapter in my life is both exciting and scary. I certainly don't know if I still "have it" like I did when I was younger and the business could fail miserably. Yet I lean on those feelings from fourth grade and the attitude to prove the world wrong.

But it is better to try and fail than to live with regrets.

There's also a new aspect to dalman designs that I never thought would happen and that's being in business with the true love of my life. 

Donetta has pushed and prodded me for years to get off my ass and follow this old dream of mine. She has stood firm and positive about following this calling even when I questioned it. I appreciate my wife for being insane enough to join me on the crazy adventure. 😜 

And who knows. Maybe some day my kids might even get involved. It could be the ride of a lifetime.

Regardless we're ready to unleash the creativity. Let the madness begin. 

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