Introducing The HAPPY JOE Collection

James Dalman
Introducing The HAPPY JOE Collection Introducing The HAPPY JOE Collection

Back in 2015 I launched a non-profit called HAPPY JOE®, a military lifestyle brand dedicated to supporting our nation's veterans.

Originally our objective was teaching military veterans how to build businesses and acquire the skills to develop an amazing career in web tech. The program was a huge success and we were able to serve hundreds of veterans through our services and training events across the United States.

Then in 2018 we pivoted to combat the veteran suicides plaguing our community. We partnered with another well known veteran owned company in the CBD industry to offer our own line of products with great success. Despite how popular our brand had become, the challenges of payment processing caused us to shut down.

Finally, we relaunched earlier this year as a t-shirt company.

My objective was using my creativity to design products that would appeal to the freedom loving cannabis and military crowds - only with a new twist! Profits from our apparel would be used to purchase medical marijuana cards and cannabis for veterans who cannot afford it.

While this mission will continue, the way we offer it has changed.

Happy Joe Supports Military Veterans

Bringing HAPPY JOE under dalman designs.

As a creative entrepreneur and digital nomad who travels full-time, it has become increasingly difficult to operate and manage multiple brands and websites, especially as a team of two.

Additionally, the challenges of the bullshit community policies against cannabis related companies is almost impossible to overcome. Despite states passing laws for legal cannabis use, it remains federally illegal. This in turn puts a target on the backs of any venture who supports cannabis use.

Google, Facebook, and other media giants make it almost impossible to promote our services or products. They will, without warning or explanation, shut down any accounts on their platforms just for being associated with the plant. 😡 

Therefore it requires guerrilla warfare type tactics in order to survive.

So I have decided to take an unconventional approach for now by bringing the HAPPY JOE® collection of products under dalman designs to make life easier, and hopefully, open up channels to promote without getting banned.

Supporting military veterans.

My passion and promise to give back to this community will never change even if I have to continually adapt and improvise in order to overcome. 👊 🇺🇸 

Going forward, all HAPPY JOE® themed products will continue to support our military veterans. dalman designs will allocate a minimum of 10% of the profits from this collection towards the purchase of MMJ for veterans who can't afford it.

For those of you who have purchased these products this year to support this mission, I sincerely appreciate you. Be assured that nothing changes but the name on the billboard.

I hope you will join us in reaching the objective to donate a "million dollars worth of happiness" by the end of 2025 by purchasing from this collection.

Together we will save some lives. 


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